Friday, August 11, 2017

Jan makes a Homage to Art

Jan makes a Homage to Art in Lisa Jones Journal

I decided I wanted to do a page that paid homage to Gustav Klimt. I have a lovely book about him and his art and it has wonderful full colour plates. So plenty of inspiration. I am amazed when i look closely to his art that he was so adept at mark making. He could really teach us modern artists a thing or two. Here is a close up of one of his pictures. Awesome.

I was also inspired by Sue Davis, a wonderful American artist. I love how she gets her backgrounds, so I used this for the base of my page.

Then I created my tree and went to work. I did a bit of stenciling and doodling to tie things together.
Hope you like it Lisa.


  1. I too am so very inspired by Klimt and his masterful patterning. I love his trees so much so I adore your page Jan- absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Thanks girls, I enjoyed doing this one too!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Jan! I love how you've tied the two artists' styles together. Wonderful! x

  4. Wonderful page Jan. I love it.


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