Monday, August 7, 2017

Demeter and Persephone

Mothering and children leaving the nest has been quite big for me of late, my firstborn has not followed any preconceived ideas I had and its been a pretty rough period so when Natasha came around for a visit and to show me her Goddess journal I know I wanted to work somehow with the Demeter and Persephone theme.

Its been quite a stressful, dark and worrying time for me as it was for Demeter and of course Persephone was taken to the Underworld so I wanted to make a cave or a deep cavern to build my pages from and what a way to ground my pages! I also had to weave in the pomegranates,one thing about working with such rich myths is there are many symbols you can include. 

I had been thinking back to when my firstborn was little and I remembered this song chant we used to sing of Demeter and Persephone and I wanted to include those words so each of my Goddess's got her verse for her hair. 

These songs come from the Reclaiming tradition ,
Starhawk and Anne Hill.
They also released a gorgeous book on raising children in the Goddess Tradition called Circle Round


I have also been wanting to create interactive pages lately so this one needed to have some of that , I ended up creating 2 removable Goddess heads and I had to create little 'holders'to secure them into the cave

I began writing their story on the back of them but it was just too long so I made a mini book to tell the story and it had to be in a pomegranate of course,

Here is my spread with the flap open showing Demeter, the pomegranate journal and Persephone, they all are easily removable and fit snugly in their spaces.


Thank you so much for popping in to see our lovely journals as they are developing. We love to see your comments.