Monday, August 14, 2017

EMPOWERMENT an Art Journal by Lesley Alexander.

Not at all sure what to do in this journal, I went looking for a quote that pleased me.  This is what I decided.
Look at the stars
look how they shine
For you
everything you do.

My first task was to get some colour down to represent the sky. I used a mix of blues, purple, black and white.

Next I used texture paste through some stencils to give me some stars.

I touched up the texture paste with silver paint, cut foil stars with a little punch, added some splatters and my words.

I really hope it is what Lesley was looking for.


  1. Oh I love your page its a great quote and a lovely spread. I am sure Lesley will love it.

  2. Great page Pam! Your contrast between the blue sky and the stars is delish!

  3. It's fabulous Pam, love the quote :)

  4. A really lovely page. Colours are awesome!

  5. This is a surprise to see so many comments. Thank you all.

  6. Your website is really cool and this is a great inspiring article. Thank you so much. Sule Emmanuel


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