Monday, December 10, 2018

My Spread in Louise's Gypsy Journal

This is it with the flap as well. I started with a napkin for the backgound and used a different napkin on the flap. I had so many ideas that I almost became overwhelmed. I have a lot of Gypsy pics on my PC and then found a magazine that I got from The Salvos a while ago. It had pictures of Indian Gypsies and that got me going. The metal and bead embellishments came from a top that my Sister-in-Law had given me. It was fun chopping it up. The beaded trim came from a placemat - once again from The Salvos.
I really enjoyed doing this spread and hope you like it Louise. Your journal is sensational.

Here is a selection of close-ups
This shows the other side of the flap.


  1. Roz that is so wonderful. How well you have used those beads and embellishments.

  2. Looking fabulous Rozzie and I am so excited to get it back home :)

  3. looks great Roz, lots of lovely texture!


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