Sunday, December 16, 2018

Colleen's pages in Pam's Words of Wisdom

Pam, your journal is beautiful & I love the big pages in it.

I started with some gesso & a napkin that I had bought recently.

I then used my distress paints over the napkin, allowing little bits to show through, & using the dauber on the paints, made circles for flowers. I added some tissue paper with flowers & birds as well.

I then outlined the painted flowers & birds & did some stamping & doodling.
There was an oops moment when I discovered black pen all over my hand & arm, & smudged flowers, Baby wipe to the rescue, & I think it turned out ok.

And here is the finished page. I love the pretty colours & they are so bright.

I hope you like this Pam.


  1. I love it Colleen, very bright and cheerful. That quote is wonderful also.

  2. Beautiful pages! Love the quote!

  3. Gorgeous page Colleen and I love the selfie :)

  4. So pretty. Colleen you WILL be missed the next round, Thank you for your lovely spread.

  5. Love the way you've made the flowers stand out, and the sheet music peeping through Colleen!


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