Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Deb and guest art by Jake in Anabelle's Egypt Journal- Dec 2018

My son Jake got really interested in this topic as I researched for my entry in Annabelle's journal. So as I was getting ready to start , Jake asked if he could do a picture in the journal as well. I messaged Annabelle and she very graciously gave her permission for Jake to add his art to this spread! He has been watching you tube videos on drawing and so he went off and watched a video and came back with this drawing of Anubis that he had coloured in texta and coloured pencil. We cut it out and stuck it onto a piece of scrap gray card stock. we scored the top of this pieces so it could lift up like a flap. Underneath we added an Egyptian Pharaoh word search for you to enjoy Annabelle. I had prepped the background of this page in water colour. I then added some Egyptian hieroglyphics in fine liner above this.

For my half of the spread, I drew a cat. This represented the Goddess Bast. I painted it with Gansai Tambi water colour paints with swirls. I highlighted it with Posca paint pens. I did the background with Lyra water soluble crayons then used water and a paintbrush to get rid of the scratchiness of crayon so that it looked like a desert sunset behind the cat. I then drew some flowers with Fabercastell pitt pens to finish off. I hope you enjoyed this Annabelle and Thank you so much for letting Jake contribute to this lovely journal. He was very proud and learned a few new things along with his mum on the subject.


  1. Well done both of you. Deb you cat is divine. And Jake what a fun experience for you, to both research and then illustrate your subject. We may have met the next Tim Holz :)

  2. Love that Jake joined in for this Deb, great pages by both of you! 💜

  3. Thanks ladies. He loved it. We have started on shrink plastic art holiday fun!


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