Saturday, May 5, 2018

Deb's entry in Louise's Gypsy Journal- April 2018

I'm Late...I'm Late...for a very important date...
But this post isn't about Alice, it's about the gorgeous Gypsy Journal that Louise created. I love how interactive your entry is Louise (and Janie's entry in there as well.) I enjoy doing these journals for our group as I always end up learning something new as I research my ideas for my own entry. I was amazed by the history the Gypsy people have and how far back it goes.
My entry in Louise's journal was about the art of Palmistry. Like the crystal ball, palm reading to tell your future was something mysterious and exciting the Gypsy's did and it intrigued me. I used a mixture of Dylusions paints randomly for the background.On the left page  I traced the outline of my own hand and painted/filled it in with acrylic and highlighted with  Pitt Pens. I then drew some of the symbols and meanings that people interpret when they look at the anatomy of your palm and drew/wrote them in. 

On the right page, I wrote a Romani Proverb using a white POSCA Paint pen. 

This journal is now traveling on its way to the next Gypsy in line. I hope you enjoy this entry and have a great day!


  1. Oh Deb I love your page. Thankyou so much.

  2. Great idea Deb! Love your spread.

  3. Great originality Deb. Excellent spread.

  4. In this case less is MORE; it's great Deb; brilliant idea⚪️

  5. Looks great - love the colours and how you have interpreted the theme!! Fab!

  6. Love the bright colours and the quote...awesome Deb!!


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