Friday, May 25, 2018

Lisa playing in Pam's "Words of Wisdom"

Ooh, I love receiving a new journal in the mail!  There's just something about the anticipation of opening a package, and then seeing the journal IRL (in real life, for those who aren't up with their acronyms...!).  The delight to see a package sitting on the kitchen bench when I get home from work.  Ooh!  Mail for me!  Ooh!  Someone actually emptied the letter box!

But I digress...

Pam's journal is an A4 affair with lovely Stonehenge paper.  Really need to get me some of that!  

Words of Wisdom.  Could really be anything, couldn't it?  Don't run with scissors.  Wipe your fridge with vanilla to keep it fresh.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.   Don't get your meat where you get your bread (which I think means, don't sleep with someone from work!)

I trolled through Pinterest and found a saying that I liked, and meant something to me:

May your clothes be comfy, may your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short.

Yaaas!  I suffer from Mondayitis and definitely need a coffee first thing in the morning.  Happy with this addiction.

Anyway, to my page! 

Here's a little snippet. 

I decided on a mixed media page, and started out with teabags laid down with matte gel medium to make my coffee table.  The remainder of the page I painted with black Dylusions paint.

Next I got out my trusty black pens and drew some lines on the teabags to make it look more like timber.  Quite like how it turned out!  The different teabag colours really resemble timber. 😊

Next I cut a round circle from watercolour paper and drew my cappuccino with water-soluble pencil.  This way I wouldn't need to worry about erasing lines when I watercoloured; the pencil blends really well.   The cuppa was then watercoloured.

Once finished, I glued it in using matte gel medium, and added a teaspoon (again cut from watercolour paper).  Added an edge to the table, a bit of shadow, and voila!  

To finish off I added my quote, stamping with white gesso.

Hope you like it Pam!  I enjoyed the process.  💜

Cheers, Lisa


  1. Lisa that is lovely. Thank you. I love the barista pattern on top of the coffee.

  2. That is so totally cool Lisa :D LOVE the timber table! The saying is perfect too... but Mondays should be changed to Sunday or Saturday - then we get more time to paint and stamp and colour! lol :D

    1. Thanks Jenny! I think it should be "may your weekends be long and your Mondays be short."♡

  3. you've made me feel like a coffee, Lisa!

  4. Oh Lisa your page is great. Excellent tea bag work to hold up the gorgeous coffee :) and a great quote for the journalling.


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