Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tales of Brothers Grimm - a Beginning

I love fairy tales, old odd stories, legends of old and make believe... so many that start with Once Upon a Time.

For my theme, I chose to feature the two brothers, Jacob and Wilheim, who travelled far and wide during the 19th century, searching and collecting old tales of folklore. They published over 200 stories including popular stories Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and The Frog Prince.

I had my page all worked out with a pumpkin and gorgeous starry dress with mice, a lizard and a fairy godmother - but then I started flicking through our old books...

The more I read, the more stories and ideas I wanted to do, the more intruiged I became... so many stories I hadn't heard of before and others I love that just begged rereading! As if I'm not time poor enough without getting sidetracked like this! lol :)

So eventually, after deciding upon The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel then The Fisherman's Wife (and a few others), I started on Briar Rose.

Its made of Distress paints, stains and inks, stamps and watercolours. And glitter glue :)

The castle walls are built with Tim's stone background stamp. I used a fine tipped marker to add the elements and shading with watercolour paints.

The flying heart started as a stamp, as did all the roses. 

The climbing roses were stamped and painted in place, while the flowers in the top right corner were stamped, cut out and stuck down. I used a brown pencil to add depth.

The words 'Briar Rose' and the groovy tree are also stamps :)

More details were added, words from a set of washi tape and a splash of glitter glue finished it off.

As always, its been loads of fun. I was strung out when I started but feel so much better now! I love Art :)


  1. Looks fantastic Jenny! I love Briar Rose ♥

  2. The Briar Rose story is vaguely familiar and I have a giant size book containing all the Grimms' stories from the library sitting on my bed, so I shall read it tonight. I love your illustrations Jenny.

  3. Jenny, as always your work is worth waiting for <3
    Beautiful xxx

  4. Jenny this is just gorgeous, can't wait to see your journal on its travels and when shared with each contribution here on the blog. xx

  5. Fabulous journal Jenny...looking forward to seeing it!!

  6. Fantastic art. I love Briar Rose story tale. Looking forward to seeing the next episode in your journal.

  7. Wow, how lovely. You have done a fabulous job.

  8. I've only just found these beautiful comments πŸ’š Thank you all ever so much! πŸΈπŸŽ¨πŸ’š xxx


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