Monday, July 24, 2017

Just Janie in Annabelle's journal

Janie's page in Annabelle Reid's journal. 
I have given a brief overview of my procedures under each picture. Annabelle, I hope you enjoy my art, cheers. Your journal is called Just You and the piece of art I've created is a collage  which I love doing and represents my love of the whimsical.

This is the beginning. Annabelle has provided A4 watercolour sheets with an A5 flap. First I spray the page with walnut frosted in, then stamp selected images and lastly, stick down torn Australiana papers. Click on images to enlarge.

I have previously selected images from my stash and fussily cut them out. I scatter the images onto the page and begin to make a careful selection and placement for them. These are changed around for a while until I'm completely satisfied with the result; then I stick them all down. Lastly I use black and white inks to enhance some of the images, then I apply a spray lacquer.

Panel 1

panel 1 part 2

panel 2 (underneath the flap)

panel 3 (top of the flap)

Entire image with under flap showing. Click on image to enlarge.


  1. Wow Janie what a spread. There is so much to see. I think I am going to have to print the full page spread out when on computer tomorrow just so I can revisit over and over. It is fantastic. I am sure Annabelle will be thrilled with it.

    1. thank you so much Irish JM, I'm pretty happy with the result :)

  2. What an interesting spread Janie. I would never have thought of that type of approach and you did it so well. Also it's a little tutorial into your collage method. Great outcome.

  3. Wow Janie, this is amazing! Love all of your quirky bits and pieces!

  4. Amazing! I am in awe. It all flows so well and pages that can be revisited time and time again to get all the little nuances in there. Lucky Annabelle

  5. Wow! Janie I love it. There is so much detail & you can look for ages & still not see everything. Such awe inspiring work.

  6. So fabulous Janie...always love what you do!!

  7. what a fantastic page Janie, I love collage :)

  8. That's so flipping cool... I really love collage work , I can't wait to see the real thing! Thank you so very much for being yourself xx


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