Sunday, July 23, 2017



It's such an honour to be the first to work in your beautiful journal Pam. 

Pam's pages are quite large & I used the first pages, which had a large flap as well. So I decided to use each page separately & do 4 individual pages.

I npainted all the pages, &, put borders, that I'd cut from magazines, around the edges. Then on Page 1 I used a cut-out of a motor bike. I cut the bikie's head off & put a deer head on, added an eye for the headlights. Added some texture paste circles & stencilling.

I added lots of doodling & some stamps along the borders. I wrote the words:- Born to be free, Born to be wild, Born to ride.

On page 2 I used a cut-out of a beautiful woman with a tall lacey hat, & then put a chicken in her hair.

I then replaced her face with another, added doodling & stamping & a bird on top of the hat. I printed & cut out the words, which say :- I think I have OCD (Obsessive Chicken Disorder) Little voices in my head keep telling me, go get more CHICKENS.

On page 3 I used a picture of Steve Irwin holding a very large lizard. I replaced the head of the lizard with a really "cool chick" wearing sun glasses & stamped some frogs & words

A bit more stamping & doodling & some striped hats & this was done.

On page 4 I used two cut-outs with superman shirts on & proceeded to doctor them. Changed their heads, legs, & the outfit on the larger one. Cut a skirt from a piece of colourful paper & added those gorgeous boots.

More  stamping & doodles & a pretty heart hanger on his arm & striped stockings on the girl.
The words say:- Deep in their hearts most wish to be understood and cherished.

 I enjoyed working on these pages so much, & I hope you like them Pam. And, yes, I had to put some chooks in. 😉


  1. Colleen you really GOT IT!! I love, love, love your pages. You will give me chook nightmares one of these days :)
    Thank you so much.
    Great post and great process explanation.

  2. Oh Colleen hpw trully fabulpus your pages are and I love the chooks!LOL

  3. Ah this is so fun Colleen! I don't know much of Teesha's work but it seems you can put lots of wacky stuff together and make it work! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I watched Teesha's videos Lisa & found them inspiring. I have never done anything like that before.

  4. Such fun pages with once again some very imaginative collarging. Well done Colleen.

  5. Wow , you really have captured the quirky joy that Teesha puts in to her art! So very creative and fun, well done.

  6. terriffic work Colleen, I am a big fan of Teeshas, her work makes me smile every time. I so love the chickens, I will be smiling all day

  7. Thanks Annabelle. I love the chooks too.


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