Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Annabell's journal

Better late than never as they say!
How lucky I feel to be able to join in on this fantastic journal swap.
I have made my journal loosely based on Teesha Moor's 16 page journal. The main difference being that my pages are not sewn in but just tied in with string. I make all my journals this way so I can remove each page as I work on it,of course you can leave the page in the journal too, but I am a messy artist and find I prefer to work out of the journal that way finished pages can remain safely out of the way.
I had a hard time setting a theme for my journal after reading about everyone else's, I thought how great it would be if everyone just did their own theme in my journal so I would have a great record of the swap. In the end I decided that I would like everyone just to be themselves but I have had trouble coming up with a few words that mean that other than 'Be You'
I never decorate my covers until my journals are finished so I just slapped some paint on, did a bit of stencilling and painted a flower, I may add to it when it comes home.
I have got the contract and posting order inside the front cover and my first page is all about feeling at home and being ourselves. I put an envelope on the back inside cover with some goodies inside for everyone to take some on it's way round, I have kept it light !

I hope you all have a great time in my journal as I have had putting it together for its journey!


  1. I love the way you have put together your journal, Annabelle. .My journal is still a pad, which may have fallen apart by the time you get it. I have received your beautiful pictures, being your first recipient and they are truly magnif. Now I will have to put my creative hat on to do your journal justice.......

  2. Annabelle- well done on getting your journal up to Janie and for staying in close contact and timeframes with us all in your suddenly chaotic life. The pics Janie shared show your journal is stunning and your post is a real introduction to your intention, I look forward to playing in your journal,

  3. Love seeing your beautiful work Annabelle. It will be lovely for the artists to be able to express themselves freely and I am sure you will receive back the warmest wishes from all who play.

  4. I love what you have done Annabelle and will enjoy adding to your journal.

  5. I love the idea that everyone does their own thing. Your journal and pages are wonderful. Glad you could find the time with all you have going on. Looking forward to seeing it on the rest of its journey.

  6. so beautiful, you have a real skill with those faces!


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