Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mermaids & Seahorses.....

Hi Everyone!

I'm sharing pics of the journal I made for the Round robin - theme of "Mermaids & Seahorses" - can't wait to see what everyone creates! I used a cut down manila folder for the cover and I inserted/sewed in 3 signatures - some pages have a flip part and others don't - entirely up to the participants to create on whichever double page spread they like. I plaited the long wool lengths left over from the 3 hole sewing and it wraps around to sort of hold it shut - we'll see if that still works when it gets home - maybe it will be too fat!!

Here is the front cover - all collage elements are by Art Tea Life available from Etsy - one of my fav Etsy shops! I added paint, muslin cloth, embossing powder, fishing net and fishing line "bits" plus the collaged mermaid - the mermaid was put together using elements from the collage set - like a paper doll.

Her is the back cover also using more elements from the collage sheets and paint, cloth etc. I do have to tell you a story about the lovely large gold embossed part of this back cover!!!!! I squeezed my bottle of embossing fluid way too hard - the lid popped off - and you can only imagine what happened from there!!!!! Anyway I like the gold so it was not ruined but I did have to "drain"off the excess back into the bottle!!!

I made flaps for the front and back inside cover 0- the front has the contract and order of participants and the back has little tags for the creators to "sign in" and decorate then pop back in the pocket!

Below is the front page of the actual inserted signatures which were made from watercolour paper - nice and thick. this page has paint background and paint through a stencil. I ink sprayed some white card and printed the digi seahorse and wording (both from Vera Lane Studio at Etsy) onto the sprayed card and fussy cut and added to the page with cloth, sticky mesh and pearl drops. I started the very back page with paint and when the journal returns home I will finish that one off too!

I can't wait to start receiving journals each month to work in and will look forward to the return of this one!!!


  1. Your journal looks really beautiful Sharon. Well done :)

  2. How delightful is your journal Sharon :) and thanks for the into to all of those etsy elements- I had no idea :)

  3. Lovely journal Sharon! All of your collage bits are so cute!

  4. Great work, Sharon. I will feel like being in the sea when your journal arrives in a couple of months or so, but I won't be looking like a mermaid but maybe more like a manitou; LOL

  5. That's lovely Sharon. The gold looks great.

  6. Lovely pages and covers Sharon
    Cant wait to see what all the other ladies are going to do in it.

  7. I always love seeing your art Sharon and your journal is wonderful. Looking forward to it arriving here although I'm last on the list!!


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