Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lesley Alexanders Empowerment Journal

Hi Everyone,

I'm very excited that this round of the art journal swaps is finally starting. this is the first art journal swap that i have participated in and I  can't wait to see all the lovely artwork when my art journal is returned to me.

The subject of my art journal is " Empowerment " .

The term empowerment meaning the authority or power given to someone to do something, " Individuals are given empowerment to create their own dwellings". The process of becoming stronger and more confident,especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

So basically I would love you to create a journal page that makes you feel empowered, feel awesome about yourself. You can use your favorite empowering quote.

Here is the inside page with the contract and an explanation of my theme.

Here is the first double page in my Journal " I am Bold, Brave, fearless and strong.

The last page in my Journal using one of my favorite Dina Wakley stamps. " You have to make room for growth " .

And finally my back cover.

Have fun creating in my Journal and I look forward to returning home in a few months.


  1. good on you, Lesley. I see lots of beaut hard work - well done and happy travels in your group.

  2. Great pages Lesley! I look forward to being empowered! :-)

  3. It looks fabulous Lesley, have fun! xox

  4. What a great start Lesley. I am sure the others in the group are looking forward to your work in their journals too. Enjoy.

  5. A great journal Lesley, looking forward to seeing it & working in it.

  6. Hey, looks really awesome. I get to see it real soon too. Looking forward to working in this inspiring journal.

    1. thanks Jan,you should receive it this week :)

  7. I am loving all the wonderful themes and yours is no exception Lesley, your art looks fabulous and fun too! Can't wait to see more of the art created in your journal for this theme. xx

  8. Looks fantastic :) Love every page!

  9. Welcome to the fun that is circle journalling Lesley. Your journal is looking fantastic.

  10. Such a great theme what you have done!!


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