Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Setting Up a Journal for a travelling journal swap

There are many ways to set up a travelling art journal,
I am just setting up this one for the Australian Art Journal Swap

I like to have a title on the outside and a title page when the front cover is opened.

I also have a little mini booklet just inside the front cover to welcome my fellow artists and to share any hopes or guidelines I might have for that journal.

I tend to offer a variety of different pages, here there are pages with extra flaps and others without, I also do the initial spread to set the tone for the journal. I think it might be harder for others to be the first to work in a pristine new journal that belongs to someone else.

In the back I like an area for each artist to sign in.
Here I have included tags in pockets.
I also have a bigger pocket in the back of the journal for people to leave anything extra they might like to leave.


  1. Thanks for posting this, it helps me to get a little unstuck when thinking about how my journal is going to function. You're inspiring me to use fabric so that I can make pockets and other add-ons. Mary :) x

  2. You have given me some more to think about with my journal and i think i can add some more stuff, very inspiring thankyou. Deb


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