Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Blog Post

This is a bit of a test run to see if I can follow instructions!!
Just read Blogging 101.

Well I managed to get there and my draft was there!!!
Here goes....
My very first blog post! I couldn't have done it without Louise’s 101 lesson. Thank you so much.
I got good at re-sizing using Paint and ‘saving as’ I just hope the quality is ok.
You have mostly seen the cover that I made using heavy duty brown card that is used in commercial pattern making. This was courtesy of my daughter.  I applied the base coat, then crackle medium then the warm white paint that crackled nicely.

Then I stenciled letters and some patterns in colours I like. Then I attached the sari ribbon and some embellishments. I printed the words and embossed them to make them 3D. And the back cover has some stenciling as well.

Next I did the first page which was a lot of fun.
I loved the idea that Louise had for the pockets at the back and shamelessly copied( thanks Louise!) But maths is not my strong suit so the spacing was a bit wonky. But hey  it works!
I have written a blurb in the front and some lists of prompts (that probably wont be needed, but I thought I should include some of my inspirations that helped me to choose my theme.

I think I will leave it at that. I am exhausted from the stress. (a picture is round the wrong way!!)
An accomplishment tho! Really chuffed.

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  1. Oh Jan you have done so very well , your journal is lovely and you blogged as well- Yay. I posted my journal to inspire so there is no copying, I am happy you liked the ideas and took them on. Can't wait to see your journal in the flesh :)


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