Saturday, February 15, 2014

journal tracker preview

Hello everyone here is a preview of our tracking chart. As we haven't mailed ,out yet i have just put a heart for each of us which you will see means "page finnished" don't worry that doesn't mean we are actually finnished I know I'm not quite. So this is what it will look like and I will be posting an updated version every month and more if needed.
The all done smiley face symbol is for when our journals finally make it home.
The arrow en route, awaiting arrival is to say journal has been mailed and the next in line is waiting for it.
The hand recieved, in progress symbol is to say yes got it and doing my page.
The heart page finnished symbol is to say page is done and ready to be mailed to next in line.
I hope this is easy to follow. I will be keeping another spreadsheet at home with post dates and any queries in relation to problems that may come up so I can hopefully answer everyone's concerns. I think that post dates may be useful if a journal heaven forbib goes missing in the post, fingers crossed none do xxxxxxxxx.
Cheers Deb


  1. Clever girl Deborah. Looks fun to watch it grow. Thanks.

  2. Absolutely perfect Deb :) Thank you both so much. I love that you are going to keep track of dates as well. I have put in a tab up the top for the page where the journal tracker will live.

  3. cool thanks for the feedback, couldn't have done it without my darling hubby Alan.....thanks sweetheart!!
    Oh yeah that there's that button good idea Louise.


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