Sunday, February 2, 2014

Deb Parkes here with "Natura"
In the last week we have been threatened with a cyclone which turned out to be a fizzler for Townsville, but not so for further south unfortunatley. In the lead up to this event it has been very muggy and revolting so i have been confined to the house pretty much. What has been taking up my time in a lovely way is the making of my journal for "the Australian Art Jaournal Swap" (AAJS). I had a great time painting and sewing my soft spine journal, using freemotion stitching, bit s of lace, material, paper and splashing around paint in bright colours. All that is left to do is my 2 page spread and my intro.
 front n back cover's
 inside front cover
inside back cover the stitch scrawl at the top say's "dear journaler" there's a card in that there pocket with a thankyou note to all our lovely artist's.

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  1. Oh Deb well done on doing a post and wow- your journal is just gorgeous I love it. Good news the cyclone was a fizzler, if you have to have one, that would be my first choice.


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