Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Creating a Touch of Alice

For me, art is a lot like swimming in cold water. You stand at the edge, dangling your toes in trying to acclimatise.  Then you take a deep breathe and jump.  There is always a moment of panic where you wonder why you ever started. But before long you are swimming and you suddenly realize you are having fun.

"A Touch of Alice" was a lot like that.  So many decisions to make.  Not to mention a few false starts.  The final one was the smallest.  I was concerned about the cost of posting, knowing it was only going to get heavier.  I created it from canson paper and I think it was called edition.  It is the replacement in the local art store for stonehenge and at least twice the cost!

This is me off to one of the false starts.  This version was way too heavy but perfect for a new journal for home.  It now has a beautiful blue canvas cover.

Teesha Moore finally gave me the idea I needed.  A whole book from 2 pages!  Perfect.  This is the beginning of the layering of the cover art work.

Close up of title.

An image transfer of the white rabbit from my childhood copy of Alice in Wonderland.

I was concerned that not everyone might be familiar with Lewis Carroll so I began to do some research and this image from my visual diary captures a modern Alice.

The beginnings of some hints with small drawings on the back to help inspire everyone.  I've created a pocket on the back inside cover for them so don't forget to claim yours when the time comes.

Along the way I got side tracked by making my own gelli plate from gelatine, sugar, glycerine and water. I was too impatient to wait for a real one to come in the mail.  Not knowing what a real one is like, I think this one works well.   I have had fun decorating my little gifts.  I hope you like them.

The idea of my theme is that Alice is leaving home for the first time and you, the gifted guest journaler will provide her with guidance along the way in the form of quotes from Lewis Carroll.  I hope you enjoy the challenge.


  1. What i love about your post is that it has reminded me to take pictures as i go which i usually forget or i just get distracted usually the former. Am i right in saying your image transfer is with gesso and did you use an inkjet or laser print? Deb

  2. Great journal Sharon! Alice is a challenging theme for me (not having grown up with the story) but nevertheless I really look forward to working in your beautiful journal. :-) xoxo

  3. Loving what I am seeing there Sharon. Your cover looks wonderful and I'm liking the little tips. Great help for peeps like me :)


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