Sunday, March 4, 2018

Round 6- The Magic Of Alice by Deb Stephens

The Magic Of Alice- Journal Entry 1.
Hi Everyone!
It has been a while but I am so glad to be back in this round and swapping Art Journals with a talented lot of artists. I'm hoping this will re-inspire me to get journaling again.
Anyway, the Journal itself was made from a second hand, hard bound book I purchased from an OP Shop. One of my very clever crafty friends re-purposes these into Scrapbook Albums all the time and gave me a lesson on how to do it for this swap (eternally grateful for your patience and for sharing this skill with me, Raiyana.) I used a range of paper from Graphic 45 called Halloween in Wonderland which is just gorgeous! I have left my front cover very basic at this stage as I have a collection of charms and lots of 3D embellishments I want to use on it but I fear that it will not withstand the rigors of postage around the country for a year so I will finish this when it comes home to me and show you in my final Blog entry.
The pages are for our entries are a  Mixed Media heavy card stock. Initially when I joined I thought we were going to have a group of about 7 people in each round so I created single pages. When numbers got finalised and the requirements stated each participant had to do a double page spread I panicked! i though I would have to re make my journal and add more pages until another friend suggested adhering extensions to the existing pages so that is what I ended up doing, so each page folds open from the spine. Artists in this round will journal on one side of each fold out page. 
For my entry I started by drawing a mask in the shape of a keyhole. I used Distress Oxides to apply colour to the background. I them used die-cuts in black card stock and adhered it to look like silhouettes. I then penciled in the outline of Alice and used Neo Colour crayons and a water brush pen to apply colour. Now I am the first to admit I am not great at drawing facial features, so I used Jane Davenports' set of facial features stamps and stamped in her eyes, nose and mouth. I then added the tree die cut behind her head. After covering it all with gel medium and letting it dry, I added highlights with Fabercastell Pitt Pens and smudged. I may or may not add a quote at a later date, I will just see how I feel when I get her back.
Hope you all enjoy the journal and I look forward to seeing all you Alice inspired entries.

Initial Prep. Removing the pages.   

The Front Cover. Graphic45 Paper Halloween In Wonderland.  
Envelope containing my signed contract.

Postage order and my guidelines for entries in this Journal.


  1. Looks fabulous Deb. Great thinking to accomodate more entries too.i love creative solutions.

  2. Looking good Deb, it will be exciting for me to receive yours, being last in line, I will get to see them all in real time😍. How lucky you were to have a friend who assisted yoy in making a journal ; this side of it is still a complete mystery to me....

  3. Ooh it looks amazing Deb! Particularly excited to see all of the entries in this journal as I love all things Alice too! ♥

  4. Great journal Deb, I love using old books, I am looking forward to working in it

  5. oh love all things Alice - cant wait to create in your journal!

  6. Thank You everyone. I cannot wait to see everyone's entries in it at the end..

  7. Your journal looks fantastic :) I love everything and anything about Alice in Wonderland :D Gonna be an awesome year of art journaling!


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