Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lisa playing in Jenny's Tales of Bros. Grimm!

When Jenny got her Round 5 Brothers Grimm journal home, she had a spare page, so kindly sent it to me to have a play in!

The journal is gorgeous and choc full of deliciousness.  Such fun!

I'd never really thought before about who wrote fairy tales, so it was quite interesting doing some research!  I read stacks of Brothers Grimm tales.  Most were gruesome, many were very strange, some seemed to make no point at all.  

The tale I chose was called the Devil with the 3 Golden Hairs.  I don't recall reading this before, but some of the details did ring a bell.  I guess these tales are so old that there are many different versions of them!  

So here is the abridged version of this tale:  A boy is fated to wed the Princess, but the King is not happy and plots to have him killed.  While he is away from the kingdom, his letter is intercepted and instead of being killed the boy and the Princess are wed!  The King returns and is not happy.  He tells the boy that he must go on a quest to get 3 golden hairs from the head of the devil.  On his journey he goes through a village where the fountain is dry, another where the golden apple tree is dying, and is ferried by a ferryman who hates his job.  Eventually he gets to hell and the devil's grandmother agrees to help him.  She changes him to an ant to hide in her skirt.  The devil came home and after eating his dinner was tired.  He lay his head in her lap and she plucked the hairs, pretending she was having a bad dream.  She tricks the devil into telling her that there was a toad under the fountain stopping the flow, a mouse was eating the roots of the dying tree, and the ferryman need only hand his oar to his next passenger to be freed.  Grandmother changes him back to a boy and he returns to the kingdom, helping the villagers with their problems.  He tricks the King into taking the ferryman's oar, and lives happily ever after!

Here's the scene where grandmother plucks the golden hairs from the sleeping devil.

And the whole double spread, where I've written the above story.

This has been painted primarily with Dylusions paints, and the little pics on the right are in watercolour and pen.

Hope you like it Jenny! 😀

Cheers, Lisa


  1. You always tell such a great story Lisa. Love the drawings also
    I am sure Jenny will love it. Thanks for sharing

  2. Fabulous page Lisa, exvellent colours and layout.

  3. Fascinating tale. Great work Lisa.

  4. Thank you so much Lisa :D Its beautiful. Love it! The devil looks so relaxed as his little golden hairs get plucked! Gorgeous colours :D


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