Thursday, March 1, 2018

AAJS Round 6 : Sharon's Vintage Circus Journal!

Today I am sharing my journal process and pics for Round 6!!
LOVED creating this "Vintage Circus" ring bound journal - sending off to Colleen today!!

I started out printing some digital papers by Gecko Galz "Life is a Circus" set - just perfect for my theme! I adhered them to my precut pieces of card to make the front and back covers (2 pieces of card for the front and back which you will see I sewed together later on).
After I adhered the patterned paper to the base card and trimmed the overhang I added some gesso and strips of old book pages - before the gesso was completely dry I "tore off" the book pages to leave some of the text behind. I wanted to make my background pages look vintage and worn!

I added some texture paste through a few stencils and allowed to dry.

Next I used a few ink sprays on the pages to highlight the texture paste - love the effect I am getting with the layering!
Then to add a bit more colour and depth I used some water soluble crayons and water spritzer to smudge the colour around!

Then I used my sewing machine to sew the two pieces of card together - so I eneded up with a front and back cover which are both double thickness for added strength.

Now some fun printing and fussy cutting the collage images - and what fabulous images for my theme - from my fav Etsy store of course "Art Tea Life"
Front cover:

Inside Front cover:

Inside Back cover:

Back cover:

Then to make the pages for everyone to decorate!! I added some printed card to the edge of each page for added reinforcement for the curtain ring biniding. Each piece is A4 folded in half so they can be opened out and decorated! Option is also there to decorate both sides if anyone is keen LOL!
Contract printed on matching paper along with a little note from me to the participants!
Lined everything up and punched the holes for the curtain rings.
Showing an opened out page - also thought if it gets too bulky for posting near the end the pages can be opened out to make it flatter and easier to pop in the letterbox!

Hope everyone enjoys creating in my journal - I can't wait to see what everyone creates!


  1. great Sharon; looking forward to playing in your journal :)

  2. Looks great cant wait to work in it

  3. Wow, you did a superb job , love the layers and the texture! I haven't signed up for this round as a bit much going on. But love following all the wonderful pages.

  4. Wow have done a great job!!

  5. Great journal and great theme. Love all the pages you have done Sharon. Looking forward to seeing what the other artists do in it.

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  7. Wow :D Looks amazing! Love all the layers and textures and colours :D lol All of it!


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