Friday, March 23, 2018

Lisa working in Roz's Art Nouveau Journal!

It's wonderful to start a new journal round!  All of the themes that our participants have chosen are really interesting, and for once, I'm thinking in advance about what I shall do in these journals...!

I had to do some research on Art Nouveau when I received Roz's journal; I was always getting confused between Art Deco and Art Nouveau.  Probably still will, but I think Art Nouveau is more classical in style, and less geometric.  

One thing I discovered - I have always loved the art 'posters' of the late 1800s by Toulouse-Lautrec, but did not know they were Art Nouveau!  Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha were also prolific in this period.  Mucha's posters are just gorgeous, so I decided to do one in his style!  

I actually took a few progress pics while I was doing this page, so shall share them here!  

I gessoed my page and then drew a rough sketch of my girl, using old photos and Mucha's posters for inspiration.

Next I inked in all of my lines with my trusty Pitt pen.  I have a variety of sizes of these, and also love Uni Pin and Micron pens - they're all waterproof so great to use with watercolour.

And lastly I watercoloured my poster, trying to keep the colour palette similar to that which Mucha used!

Hope you like this Roz; I enjoyed coming up with my own version of an Art Nouveau poster!

Cheers, Lisa x


  1. Oh Lisa ypur page is wonderful and so is your blog. I have a few ideas tossing around in my head for Rozzie's journal. I wonfer which one I will choose.

    1. Thanks Louise! Look forward to seeing what you choose!

  2. Oh I love what you have done Lisa...many thanks☺


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