Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Two for the price of one

Firstly I would like to apologize for taking so long to blog about the journals I have worked in, so many technical difficulties.

                But moving forward

Sharon's Journal

The background was made with blue, turquoise and aqua India ink around the sketch of the mermaid. I then finished the mermaid and the seahorses using inktense pencils, I added sparkly ink for her tail.Finally I collaged the fish and quote.

Roz's Journal
 I did a watercolour wash of the first silhoette.
I then worked out the placement of the second silhoette. I then darkened the first one with repeated washes. I used india ink for the second silhoette

I then did the background using indian ink, gesso and a Donna Downey stencil.

to finish it off I wrote a song lyric that inspired the whole page.
I enjoyed working in both journals, but not so much the blogging. Hopefully the next time I go to blog I wont have to deal with so many difficulties.


  1. Thank you so much Annabelle. ..I love the silhouette that you have done. Looking forward to seeing it and reading the lyrics❤💙❤

  2. Your mermaid is wonderful too Annabelle☺🐳✔

  3. Oh well done Annabelle on persevering with the blogging it is so very appreciated.

    Your pages are fabulous and Inam very glad I get to see them IRL.

  4. Both journals are really lovely Annabelle. I particularly love the Silhouette. Magical!

  5. Well done Annabelle. They are both lovely.

  6. Beautiful, both of them :) Love how you’ve done the silhouette!

  7. Wow Annabelle, great pages! I love your delicate mermaid, and the silhouette piece is just outstanding!


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