Thursday, October 26, 2017

Janie O'Brien's creation in Roz's Silhouette Journal.

 I found Roz's topic challenging, but once I got into it, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I hope you like the result Roz.
Firstly I made the background from a palette of pinks, oranges and gold. I think stencilled in a pair of trees, choosing light shade to highlight their outlines and define the sky.

next, I added some gold textured highlights
then I added some branches, top left & right from adjoining trees.

next, I added some silhouettes of birds, flowers & a fairy and a vague definition of plants 

I heavily stencilled in some undergrowth and added another fairy.

Finally, I worked the right hand tree to give it more definition and added a Lyre bird bottom left.


  1. Fabulous page Janie, love all the silhouettes you used.

  2. Oh it's beautiful Janie! Love the shimmery golds. It has an Asian feel about it which I love. ❤

  3. Very nice take on the theme Janie your coloirs are beautifil

  4. Love this Janie, the colors are gorgeous x

  5. That is very beautiful Janie. Love the colours and layers. Would be interested to know what products you used to get that lovely sheen..
    No doubt about the dedication of our MIA leader, checking the blog at 4.45 am.

    1. Pam, the shimmery effect is produced with Lindsay's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays over the top of Texcraft's neon, hot pink, orange & yellow paints which were splodged in as background

  6. Wow :D This is stunning! The colours and layers of silhouettes are beautiful.

  7. This is a fabulous page! That initial tree stencil is beautiful. Well done.

  8. Oh Janie, just wonderful. Love the colours & the whole layout.

  9. I LOVE IT JANIE...Can't wait to have it in front of me. Thank you so much!!


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