Sunday, October 8, 2017

Just Louise

Sometimes being in an art journal swap just flows. Life is smoothly cruising along and there is time to do all you need to do and the theme of the new journal inspires creative ideas. 

Other times life is filled with challenges, you can barely find your shoes let alone the time or motivation to do anything and journals arrive that just dont spark your creativity. 

However -
 Just getting going with colour and playing with your art materials can really lead you into inspired creative journalling. 

This last year has been an absolute doozie! I have been completely overwhelmed with major life challenges on every front.

And to top it all off
 I got diagnosed with official old peoples diseases and that was before I turned 50 this month. 

Consequently I can't do the fine drawing and pen work I love however I can still totally enjoy playing at art.

Annabelles theme is Just You
Well I am feeling the need to withdraw lately and focus on self care and family care.

Once I loosened up and started to play I really enjoyed the genuine art or heart journaling that absolutely is "just me" right now.

Sometimes its OK
To hide your beautiful colours away.

Sometimes its OK
To spread your wings and soar.


  1. Very well done Louise. Expressed perfectly. Colours are drool worthy.

  2. WOW! An amazingly beautiful page full of colour & texture.

  3. Lovely layout Louise, take care of you and your family xox

  4. sorry to hear of you battling troubled waters at present, Louise and I hope they will indeed be calmer in the future; life over 50 isn't all bad; but life itself is like the peaks and troughs of waves 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊...................

  5. Beautifully done Louise and I'm glad to hear that you are taking time out to look after yourself and your family. All the best xo

  6. What a gorgeous spread! Hugs to you and your family Louise xx

  7. Gorgeous colours and a great layout Louise and yes sometimes life sends us some unexpected hurdles. Glad to see you are still keeping your hand in. Take care of yourself and your family and thanks for lovely blogging.

  8. Thank you so much for leaving a bit of your beautiful self in my journal

  9. Beautifully done. Art journaling at its most expressive. Thanks for sharing and we are all appreciative of all your time and efforts that you have shared with all of us.


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