Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jan's spread in Joanne's Fairy Tales

Well, when the themes were first announced I had heaps of ideas but then the time came and I had a blank. But i started with some stencils and lighter colours and it progressed from there.

But it got a bit darker after that and I ended up wanting to use a couple of  favorite Stampotique stamps.
A slightly darker theme but i hope you like her and her little companion.

They kind of flow together when side by side. I used several home made stamps too.


  1. Your colour selection is wonderful Jan. All else adds up to a very contemporary and fun page. Top job!!

  2. fairy tales can be very 'dark' in nature, especially those of the brother Grimm. I love your idea Jan and your colours; great stuff :)

  3. I always admire your style Jan and this is another fabulous piece. So original and so you. Love it.

  4. Love this Jan...the colours are great and the dark theme is very apt.

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments. It has been a very busy month and I was fearful i would not be able to put the time and effort into the journal that was needed. But I think i managed OK. It was a fun page to do.


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