Sunday, March 23, 2014

Roz's Oriental Journal.

I have completed a page in Roz's beautiful Oriental Journal.  I only did one page because I thought if I did two the pages might run out before the journal completed it's circle.
I was really scary for me as I have never before worked in a journal belonging to another person.
I was inspired by an article in Somerset Studio's Art Journaling magazine about Artist Bebe Butler.  Her work looked oriental and I tried my hand at following her methods.

And the beautiful journal itself:


  1. That looks gorgeous Pam and I'm sure it will be even better in person.Thank you. You did a great job on the face and you have achieved a nice minimalistic composition. I love it all!!

  2. Well done Pam! I love the soothing colours and beautiful face! Looking forward to seeing it in person! :-) xoxo

  3. I love all the layers coming through. And the COLOUR! Brave and amazing! I have so much trouble with green!

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments. It is so encouraging as I battle all the time with the insecurities of being inexperienced.
    Minimalistic is probably a very good description of what I do Roz and this is one of the reasons I have difficulty saying I am an artist. When I watch a video and see the constant retouching happening I just don't get it. I just hope I get through this whole experience without messing up anybody's journal.
    As for green being difficult to work with Sharon another sign of my inexperience I guess. I'm just so happy you all liked it. Thanks.

  5. I love it! The colour is very oriental and admire that your approach is less is more. I am trying to curb the more more more. You definitely are an artist, in every sense of the word.


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