Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jan does ‘Out of the Box’!

It was a privilege to be the first one to add to Nicole’s Box of pages.
I had decided that the current situation I found myself in would be perfect for a journal page. I had just come from NZ helping Mum and Dad pack up and move to OZ. Out of the Box so to speak.
I did some spray stencil layers and random colours in acrylic and then got down to my design. I had looked through a few of my previous journals and found a page I thought would lend itself to the theme.

I did some collage and stamping (some bits from NZ and some from Oz). Added some journaling and shading and felt happy with that side, then moved to the reverse.

I decided to incorporate a few elements from my own journal front page and when I’d finished it I photographed the page and thought the bottom half looked awful. So painted it all over and tore off of the stuff and redid it with stencils and finger painting. Much Better!


  1. Wow Jan I love your pages- they are fabulous and so apt for the theme.
    I often make adjustments after I photograph my work as well. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Yep ...that's out of the box...I really love what you have done Jan. My turn next!!

  3. Well done Jan! What a fantastic spread! That blue on the top page is my fav colour! Can't wait to hold the journal in my hands and admire it in real life! :-)

  4. The pages are really pretty. I love the blue too. I hope Jan now that your parents are in OZ that they are closer to you as well.


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