Monday, March 24, 2014

Reniets page in The Art of Transformation

Well I'm done in Louise's journal. There were so many possibilties with this topic. As Lou explains in the front everything around us is constantly in the state of transformation.

As my art supplies are very limited I've kept my spread basic. I have always loved Cicadas and decided to put them in somehow. I chose a page that had a flap so i could put the cicada shell on it and then open up to the Cicada that we see above ground.
I used oil pastels for the pictures and was happy with how it turned out considering i haven;t drawn anything since i was a child.
The background colour behind the shell is done with ink pads and behind the Cicada with chalks and set with hairspray (didn't have fixative lol).

On the right hand page i layered two different coloured acrylic paints and then wrote the meaning of transformation from the dictionary. I had used white chalk behind writing to make it stand out but when i sprayed it with fixative (finally bought some) the chalk basically disappeared.
I used crackle medium between the layers of paint as i had it lying around.
This spread was also the first time i used Gesso.


  1. Looks amazing Reniet, and cicada's are a truly fascinating creature :)

  2. Awsome pages Reniet you will love gesso the more you use it, it's great stuff and my first go to at the start of a new page. Great pages i love the cicada it has always fascinated me and I have a small collection of shells squirreled away..........don't tell my husband.

  3. Aren't you a talented lady! Not having drawn since you were a kid and then this beautiful cicada emerges! Love it! Well done Reniet!

  4. Monika I believe you used the correct word to describe Reniet's work....emerge, because that is just what the cicada does. Well done Reneit....and so almost endeth the first exchange.

  5. The cicadas in The Blue Mountains were deafening this year...there must have been thousands of them. Great work Reniet!!


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