Thursday, April 2, 2020

Wendy Hanna's Inspirational Music Journal

I have many musical inspirations and idols such as Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Carpenters, Metallica, Madonna, Pearl Jam, the Irish band 'The Fureys' etc.... but at the moment I cannot get enough of a young and up and coming artist by the name of Billie Eilish. In her ballads she has a voice of an angel, the music that accompanies her sounds so beautiful, they are also written and played by her brother Finneas, together they make an awesome team. Her other songs, besides her ballads are thought provoking and musically tantalizing. In Wendy's journal I used acrylic paints to illustrate an ocean. Her song called 'Ocean Eyes' is so aesthetically pleasing to the ears that I find myself swaying and drifting, perfect for relaxing and releasing. Wendy I hope you like my contribution, I really enjoyed working in your lovely journal very much, sincerely Melissa xx

I used a canvas paper pad, (pre gesso'd) as the background for both the ocean I painted and the picture I downloaded and cut out of Billie Eilish (from another artist, acknowledged on the illustration itself), I saved it from a free site called pixabay. I used a green fluro acrylic paint to colour her jumper, Billie has been seen wearing fluro colours often when spotted by paparazzi. Her face, the Tarantula, baby spiders, the crown on her head and her necklaces were already coloured in. On the opposite page I stamped a pair of eyes on the ocean painting to represent her song 'Ocean Eyes', this stamp is made by Jane Davenport art supplies. The two brands of acrylic paints I used were by Jane Davenport and Ceramcoat. I superimposed the verses and chorus' of the song by printing it on tracing paper; so that the picture of the ocean could still be transparent. I hope it looks alright, I had so much fun creating this, thank you for this fun opportunity Wendy, Melissa ❤


  1. Great spread Melissa, the vellum worked really well over your ocean painting!

  2. You have put so much thought and work into this piece Melissa... it is just wow and represents the song very well... Cheers...


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