Thursday, April 16, 2020

Jenny's art critic paper dolls

I had any idea to do a little less serious but a little more positive page, mostly inspired by my parents who are very critical of anything less than traditional art.  I did start out with what I hoped would be a faux marble wall with a wood wainscotung emulating an art museum, i failed miserably but fixed it as best i could, not totally unhappy with the result.  I then stamped and framed some quirky faces.  I colourised some Tim Holtz figures of two ladies who were cast as my critics and made a little bench for them to sit upon.  Finally stamped the words above their heads, 'ere Ethel the things that pass for art these days.  And then as the main title create YOUR art.  As a reminder we need to create for ourselves and how we feel we need too, it's ours, and we need to be proud of that no matter what others may think. 


  1. Awesome spread Wendy, I think it looks fab!

  2. Great page and this theme is very interesting.I think you caught your intentions very well Wendy.

  3. Love your thinking on this and if you hadn't said what it was I would have known... great page Lovely...


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