Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Back to the Future

Deb's Memorable Movies Journal.
Back to the Future is definitely my most favourite Memorable Movie.
I love everything about this movie. I decided to create a pop culture poster journal page.

I started by covering the page with blue and purple acrylic paint. I then dry brushed white acrylic over the top. I was aiming for a washed out, almost space looking background.

Then i used black acrylic paint through some cool cog and clock stencils. 
I added some arrows as they reminded me of the Title of the movie, and the movement of time.

I then decided i would wash out the background with white dry brush. 

I then added these really cool designs i found in an old tattoo magazine. I really love how all movie buffs will notice this is clearly Back to the Future, with out clearly writing it on the page. I also used a quote from the movie, personally i think the coolest quote ever. 
Thanks for viewing this, i had a ball creating it. 


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