Friday, April 10, 2020

Feeling Comfortably Numb in Wendy's Music Journal

by Lisa for Wendy

I love music.  I love singing.  I do it often in the car, where no one else can hear me.  Unfortunately I'm shite.... 

But anyway.  When Wendy announced that her journal theme was Inspiring Music, I thought yes!  I have so many favourite songs, or pieces of songs, or lyrics.  It was actually a bit challenging deciding on which song to focus on.

In the end I decided on Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.  This song was released in 1979 as part of The Wall album, and what a masterpiece this album was.  I think I first heard it when I was about 16.  I love music with a story, and this whole album is a story, about a musician called Pink and his struggles with depression and drugs. 

In Comfortably Numb, Pink is drugged out and holed up in his hotel room.  His entourage breaks in and gives him more drugs so that he can get on stage and perform - the show must go on.  During this time, he's thinking of his childhood during WW2.  

This all sounds really depressing and dreary, but it's a beautiful song with haunting music, amazing guitar solos, and great lyrics.  You can check it out on YouTube here

So back to my spread!  The lyrics I've chosen to highlight are about a boy, who I've drawn with 2B & 6B pencils on tan Strathmore paper.  I love vintage papers and have heaps of Kaisercraft  scrapbooking paper, so just collaged my favourite bits.  

On the right, more Kaisercraft papers plus some old music paper I found.  I printed out the lyrics using a typewriter font - and then thought, why didn't I just use my typewriter???  This was on white paper, so I steeped a teabag and gave it a tea wash.  Matched perfectly!  Plus I kept the teabag to use in my teabag art at some stage. 😊

So, once I worked out what I wanted to achieve this came together quite quickly.  And I'm really pleased with it.  And thanks Wendy, for making an A5 journal (as I have too) - they're so easy to work in! 💜

Hope you like it Wendy!  I hope that everyone is coping okay with this Covid-19 situation and restrictions.  I'm still working, so am thankful of the Easter break.  Happy Easter everyone, and Happy Arting! 💙🐰🐣

Cheers, Lisa xx


  1. Wow Lisa, you did a great job and this it truly an awesome album.

  2. Thanks Louise, have been singing it in my head for a week! 😆

  3. That is an awesome layout Lisa... love your drawings...


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