Saturday, September 21, 2019

World Fashion for Robyn Osborn by Janie O'Brien. Only one photo this time of my completed project.

I changed my mind multiple times about various themes for this project and revised once again when I received it, as there was a fairly wide gap in the middle where two signatures met. Instead of having one wide page, I instead chose to do 2 separate pages which would would the layout better.

I have always taken an interest in fashion as my father ran a fashion house from the 1930s through to the 1960s in Melbourne. In the 1960s "the times they were a changin" especially for fashion and the beautifully tailored outfits Louis and Charles Noble created in Flinders Lane soon prompted the two brothers to take retirement, and let mini skirts take the reins. My interest remained and dad taught me to sew like a professional. I loved designing clothes but I was not a distinguished seamstress.

Current fashion tends to dismay me somewhat and has become somewhat OUTLANDISH and extreme by many so called artistic coutures. Poor dad would turn in his grave if he could see what was considered high fashion now.

The representations above have both been taken from AfroStyle on-line magazine which I follow with interest. It is an African and multicultural fashion and style publication which is a bit off-centre which appeals to me. The two pictures I have used represent this new outlandish style, the sort of thing that can be seen on the red carpet at events in the high couture industry.

Naturally, I added my artistic touch to embellish the pictures by adding 3D pearls, diamonds and gold. Robyn I hope you enjoy my pages. 


  1. Fantastic what you've done❤

  2. Wow Janie, these fashions are really out there! Cool! 😎

  3. Just fabulous Janie...I always love to see your spreads xox

  4. Gorgeous page , you do the most amazing pages, Great color !!!!

  5. Amazing pages! Would look even more incredible in real life with all that bling :D


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