Monday, September 2, 2019

What! No bucket list

Some of you have mentioned that you have found my journal topic of "who are you " a bit of a challenge. 
Well this is the topic I have found the most challenging. 

I'm not really a planner, I'm more of a go with the flow type of person. 
So while I was giving this subject some thought, I came up with this poem, which became the focus of this page.

It's called "What! No bucket list ".

Roll with the punches,
go with the flow, 
I've never been one for plans 
you know......

The past has gone,
to late for lists.
The future they say 
doesn't exist.......

There is only the here, 
the now, the way. 
So embrace what you have 
and seize the day!

And when you have come to the end, 
when all is send and done. 
No matter what you do in life, 
just don't forget to have fun........

Then all I had to do was create a fun background for the poem. 

It had to be light and bright as my poetry style is more Spike Milligan than Keats. 

And there you have it. I hope it brings a smile to you all. 


  1. Thanks Sallyanne, it certainly did bring a smile! Love your poetic skills, and that background is yummo!

  2. I am absolutely rapt in your poem; clever girl. With the art on top, you are a talented girl.💖

  3. Great page love the colours so Beautiful !!

  4. I love this...wish I had thought of something like this!!


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