Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Haiku for a Lunar-tic

One of my ongoing obsessions has been with the moon. I share a Moon Goddess tattoo with my daughter which shows just how obsessed I am.
When it came to Pam's wonderful Haiku journal I had to do a spread honouring my love of all things Lunar.

I began the process with gesso, papering with music and book pages then some stencilling with model paste, circles to echo the to build. 

I really wanted to try to capture a full moon rising over the ocean, one of my favourite things to watch. I chose my acrylic paints and began doing some layers. I had masked a circle space for my moon beforehand.

Once I was happy with my sky and ocean I began on my moon...lots of greys, white and some blue. To create a sense of a sparkling lunar reflection I added some silver Liquid Pearls to my spread.
 Lastly, I smudged graphite pencil around the moon and the haiku piece.

The Haiku is not my somehow disappeared. It took me a while to consider what I wanted to say. Having taught many Year 8 students during my teaching years all about Haikus it was time for me to come up with one of my own.

Historically, Haikus are about reflecting on the fleeting moments in Nature which help the poet to consider one's life-based reflections. As I had recently lost my father, his memory became an inspiration for the result. I hope everyone enjoys my artistic and literary attempt, but especially Pam xox


  1. How lovely Amanda! Love the sense of calmness you've created, and great haiku! 💛

  2. This is a really lovely page AJ, mama and I love it.

  3. The moon is an incredible part of our universe... beautiful, peaceful and all knowing! Never answers back with "i told you so" when you tell it anything either. I love our Moon. Your artwork is awesome.


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