Friday, September 27, 2019

Memories of the Sea

My darling mama has had a bugger of a year, In March she was diagnosed with cancer and a month ago she had a stroke! Enough already!
Art to the rescue once again. 

Melissa's Under the Sea journal came into the hospital with me and mama told me a story of her favourite Sea memory and it was a holiday we shared about 15 years ago. I was her scribe and her assistant to create this page as mama only has one hand working I think she did very well. 


  1. She certainly did do well. Love the collaboration, you're lucky you have each other. Xx

  2. Wow, what a wonderful memory. Brava Pam xox

  3. So beautiful and treasured moment captured, a beautiful page xox

  4. Louise I am so honoured that your dear precious mother was able to work in my journal, I will cherish it always❤❤

  5. Pam did very well ❤️ You've both created wonderful art but also most beautiful memories. xx


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