Sunday, August 25, 2019

Janies Haiku

Pam's Haiku page I always knew would be a challenge. I had a vague idea about what haiku poetry was and where it originated from. Little did I know then, I would end writing not one, but two for Pam.

I became so absorbed in creating this illustration, I completely forgot to take any pics of its development. I had the idea of something tropical and balmy to escape to from the cold winter of Montefiore - where Pam lives - so I penned the attached haiku. After a number of attempts I ended up with the two attached and my illustration then started to evolve. I first found a palm tree from a Kaisercraft paper and another paper by K & Company with a design that looked like waves. I ripped them to fit the page. I then painted a sandy foreground, some sea, and the sky. I then started to stick down my collage elements; first the tree, then the waves. I found suitable doors on Pinterest and printed them off. The hibiscus came from Kaisercraft Collectables: Paradise Found or Island Escape collection. The last thing I did was add highlighting with metallic mists and paint, and dimensional effects which don't show on the photo. Pam, I hope you like my art and haiku - made especially for you.
As it's hard to read the haiku on the art I'll print them here for you to read:

The doors open wide
My imagination is set free
It floats waiting

Perfume lingers still
Flowers in unexpected places
A balmy day


  1. Well done Janie, it is gorgeous.

  2. Very nice Janie, well done on the Haiku too

  3. Janie, I love your style of collage and this one is gorgeous. Your haikus match the image so well...stunning xox


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