Friday, August 23, 2019

Nurturing our Nature

by Lisa for Janie

Lucky me, two journals to complete this month, as I'm going overseas in a couple of weeks!

Janie's journal is a lovely little Dylusions-style journal in A5 size, and the paper is yummy.

I really love native trees and flowers, so ummed and ahhed about what to do for this journal.

I was scrolling through Pinterest when I discovered these absolutely beautiful bouquets full of native flowers, that just begged me to draw them!  The one that my page is based on is by Grace from Swallows Nest Farm in Tassie.  I'm really not sure if she's still trading; their FB page says the farm was up for sale earlier this year, but gorgeous flowers are still being posted on their Instagram page.

I'm hoping Grace is still making beautiful flowers for peeps somewhere else!

I do prefer to see flowers in situ, but would certainly make an exception for something like this! 💜🌸

This was quite a simple page to do; I drew my bouquet in pencil, then added watercolours, and outlined it all loosely with a fineliner.

And voila!

My scribble reads: I'm not big on cut flowers; I prefer to see them in the garden, but the sight of a posy of native flowers is a joy to me!

And yes, I know proteas aren't Australian natives.  But they're related to banksias and waratahs, so that's good enough for me! 😊

Enjoy Janie!

Cheers, Lisa 


  1. Beautifully done... I love, love, love playing with watercolours and these make me smile... Cheers...

    1. Thanks Sass, watercolours are my fave medium!

  2. ooooow, Lisa, I love this. You are sooo good with watercolour . 💗💗💗💗💗

    1. Thanks Janie, I'm pleased with it, glad you are too! 💜

  3. Beutifully drawn and painted Lisa...enjoy your trip.

  4. So gorgeous Lisa and a great choice for your talents. Have a wonderful trip.

  5. Lisa, your bouquet of our stunning native flowers is so pretty...I love seeing you draw and paint. Love this xox


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