Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Who am I ?

Who am I ?
Such a tricky question for me, I wonder is it tricky for everyone?
I don't really think I have ever known who I am and I ponder it pretty often, lol- and my favourite place to ponder is my own private retreat, my bathroom. 
This is an accurate drawing of my plant-filled oasis except it has way more plants :) and a big sea turtle kite on the wall my girlfriend bought back from Bali for me, and a kitty on a striped mat and a poodle on the floor. 

My first love is drawing 
I always have a pen in my hand to draw what I see or what I imagine, and always have had.

All of these plants are in my bathroom and I drew them at mums when I was feeling a bit homesick, now I am home and missing mama. 


  1. What a lovely little scene Louise! Looks divine - great idea!

  2. Can I please use your bathroom? What a retreat your drawing and the way the images and words work as one xox

  3. I really love this Louise. It must have taken ages to do all that writing 💜💜💜

    1. I usually journal a lot in my art journals Janie so it does not take long. I love to make it all part of the design.

  4. Beautidful .... i would love a bathroom like yours xox

  5. What a wonderful bathroom! Love how all your writing looks like different shades of grey :)


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