Saturday, July 27, 2019


I had bought a Fairy digi pack which I was longing to use so I decided this was the perfect project. 
I gessoed the pages, then started to add blotches of paint. I wanted to try to create a magical night sky...the sort that Fairies love. 
I next added a stencil to create the sense of a garden...the sort that Fairies frolic in.
I then overlayed it all with a metallic blue to give a shimmer. I tore my images and placed them on the pages. It was really starting to come together. 
I had researched various poems about Fairies but there was one that just stuck. It was a quote from W.B.Yeat's poem, The Land of Heart's Desire. I felt it worked well with the images I had created.
I still felt more sparkle was needed so I added glitter and then used a brush to flick even more shimmer from some Tattered Angel's Glimmer Mist. Finally, I Mod Podged the spread.
I hope my layout takes you out of this, '...dull world' for a short time.


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