Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Louise’s Gaia Journal

This is a beautiful journal to work in. I wanted to paint a nature scene to represent Gaia, so I used all acrylic paints, with white gesso underneath. The brand of acrylics used was by Jane Davenport.

On the right hand side I wanted to portray the hand of the universe passing on the Earth to Gaia.
The representation of Gaia is a picture I chose from a booklet from Jane Davenport’s ‘Making Faces’ collection. To colour her in I used Jane’s ‘colour stick’ crayons and blended them with tissue paper. I didn’t want to make the page too busy so I just added soft metal patterned shapes in each corner, and two white doves/birds of peace in diagonal corners. I added a star in the middle of her forehead, I’m not completely sure why but my feelings and thoughts at the time were that it needed to be there, its placement felt right, maybe it represents a third eye or a window into her all knowing and all being. I chose the purple background because I wanted it to associate with the crown chakra, (one of the seven centres of energy). The crown chakra connects to the above force, energy, God; however one interprets belief, faith or worship.


  1. Wonderful interpretation of Gaia Earth Goddess. Loving your work Melissa.

  2. Wow - what a lovely piece Melissa! Great work! 🌏💙


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