Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Great Gatsby Party

Janie's collaged creation in Roz's Art Deco journal; my theme is a Great Gatsby Party.

This is the background paper I chose which was printed for me by Spoonflower. Roz's journal was a most unusual size as each page was approximately 7 x 11 inches, making a double spread about 22 inches wide. I decided to make separate but similarly themed pages. 

Left hand side page; spraying with Lindy's iridescent sprays and adding collaged elements sourced from Pinterest.

Left hand side completed; "The arrival"

Right hand side completed: "The dance"


  1. Love how you've meshed this all together Janie, looks great!

  2. Very cool pages Janie. You got the era so well.

  3. Janie you have certainly captured the Art Deco flappers !!love it xox

  4. This is fantastic! I love how they're the inside and outside of the dance :)

  5. So awesome Janie...thank you very much...I love it!!


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