Friday, June 28, 2019

What's on My Bucket List?!

by Lisa for Meg

This was an interesting thing to think about - just what is on my bucket list?  Well there's a few things- travel, meet my Irish penpal after 40 years, a different job, learn the saxophone, retire... 😝

But what I decided to concentrate on - since it's art themed - is an exhibition!  It would be lovely to exhibit some work; especially my teabag pieces.  So that's what I went with.

I decided I would do my spread as looking into an art gallery, from a single point perspective.  I gessoed the double page, and drew my pencil lines in.  I did take a pic of this, but you can't see much, so I won't share it!

Next I made my five teabag pieces that were going to star in my exhibition.  These were made on cartridge paper, with teabags collaged on (and some teabag strings), and then tinted with watercolour.

Next I stencilled a background on my gallery walls and ceiling, and added a timber floor - made of teabags!

Glued it all together, added some little plates with the name of the art piece under each... and added a red SOLD dot to all! 

So maybe one day this one will come true...! 💜💛

Hope you like this Meg!  Happy Arting all! 

Cheers, Lisa xx


  1. oh, you are so talented've even got the perspective pretty well spot on. I'd love to come to your exhibition one day; LOL 💛🖤💛💜

  2. Lisa this is brilliant!! Love your art pieces.

  3. Unique, arresting and just plain fabulous. I would visit this gallery and hope that one of those red dots belonged to me xox


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