Monday, June 24, 2019

Janie's Book Journal Page.

The first thing was to create a suitable medieval book looking background. This was accomplished with the assistance of Etsy's Medieval Mirage digital papers scrapbooking site.

Next was to add more additional medieval imagery to build up layers of interest. 
Torn papers stuck down strategically, were used to accomplish this.

Finally, focal images were pasted, the page was sprayed with Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mist - Pegleg Pete Purple - to bring the page together and make the page cohesive.


  1. I find this blog site very user UN-friendly. as you can see by the text jumping around. I can never find out how to edit once publsihed either. Not happy, Jan !!!!!

  2. Janie, love this! The medieval script is really cool, and love all of your bits and pieces! To edit, click on the B for Blogger at top left of screen - you'll then see a list of all the entries. Yours will have edit/view/delete under it, so you can edit it from there. I always find that if you hit preview before you publish, you can see what it will all look like first... :)

  3. Great spread Janie. You can always look at the Blogging 101 tab at the top o page. It's very helpul.

  4. Janie I always look forward to seeing what you've blogged and I'm never disappointed. Holy Crusade what a magnificent spread! xox


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