Thursday, November 2, 2017

When you walk by, you see a tree

Louise’s Tree journal.
When I first got the journal I thought I would do a spread about ‘Green men’.I thought they sounded like a fun thing to do. I found a lot of info online and lots of reference pictures
I began by sketching one out with a green watercolour pencil. But it just wasn’t happening, the sketch was fine but I just didn’t like the feel of the spread. So I went looking for more inspiration, and I came across this poem by Sophia Cupcake that hit the right spot and the spread came together with ease and fun. I only used part of the poem but I did write the whole poem out on another piece of paper and put it in the journal. I used acrylic paint,a handmade stencil and collage.

I wet my watercolour sketch of my green man and while that was drying I found some tree words in the dictionary and then I collaged them down and added green paint. I sketched in my dryad and gave her some skin tone. Next I added some branches.


 Then I stenciled some leaves from a stencil I made out of a page protector

I then found some more leaves on a paper napkin, so I cut them out and collaged them and gave her face some final details.

Lastly I wrote the first few lines of the poem 
When you walk by,you see a tree 
But when no one  there to see
A dryad
Melts out of the tree
And flits
And floats
And light-heartedly leaps
The leaves swirl around her
Like a cyclone
Like a whirlwind 
And suddenly there’s not just one,but many nymphs
I had a lot of fun with this journal ,I hope you enjoy it too.


  1. Oh she's gorgeous Annabelle! Lovely spread! 💚

  2. Oh Annabelle I love her so much. I also love the green man.Thank you.

  3. That is so very beautiful Annabelle. Love the process pics and the wonderful layered outcome. Awesome!!


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