Friday, November 24, 2017

Colleen's Page in Joan's Journal.

Joan's journal is just lovely, full of all sorts of houses, all shapes & sizes.

Ever since I was a child, drawing houses has been my favourite thing to draw. They always had path's leading to somewhere from the front door, & there were always trees.

I tried to re-create this in a bit more of a grown up look. I wanted to use the saying "The road to a friend's house is never long". I painted the background blue & green, & using scrapbook paper, I made 2 houses & drew a road between each one.

Using a cotton bud  tip I filled in the road with different colours of brown & white, to make it look like a rocky dirt road, like we actually have. I did some background stamping all over & added the trees, flowers, birds & a few butterflies. I also did some doodling here & there & then added the saying.

I hope you like this Joan. I loved doing it for you. Not long now & your journal will be home.


  1. How lovely Colleen! Great page. <3

  2. Just beautiful Colleen. I love everything about it. It looks like a lovely quilted blanket. Thank you lots

  3. That spread is so nice Colleen. All your little details add so much to it. Very nice quote too.


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