Sunday, November 19, 2017

AAJS5: Janie's "Whimsical" Journal!

Hi Everyone

Today I am sharing my page in Janie's "Whimsical" journal and I have to say I just love this theme - right up my alley to create a fun page for this month!!!!
Firstly I have to say how much I love everyone's pages already created in this journal - they are fab - Janie you will love this when it finally makes it's way back to you!!

As usual I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my page to look like and so I grabbed all my "supplies" and got started!!

I didn't need to "prep" my page with Gesso - the pages are nice and thick and we are each working on one side of the page and folding it in half - I like this concept!!
Fist step was to adhere some printed and white tissue paper to the page background. I scrunched some of the white tissue to make a few lumps and bumps for texture!! I used gel medium to adhere the tissue to the page and allowed to dry.

Next I grabbed some acrylic paint, a water spritzer and a brayer.

I pup "blobs" of paint on the page, sprayed with water as I didn't want a thick coverage and brayered it to cover the page.

See the "shimmer" on the page - I added a "pearl" medium with the coloured paint - some more interest to the page!

As I just love texture I have added some modelling paste through a stencil randomly over the page for even more interest LOL!! I set this aside to dry.

Once the modelling paste dried I wanted to add more colour and depth so I have "coloured" the raised stencil areas with water soluble crayons using co-ordinating colours.
Spritzed with water and rubbed in to dissolve with my finger - just love the added dimension to the page by doing this simple step!!

In between all the layers drying I printed off my collage paper dolls and started cutting them out putting them together and making my "whimsical" characters!!
I will just give a "plug" for the totally fab Etsy Store I get most of my collage sheets from "Art Tea Life" - I have been buying for quite a few years and the owner is such a lovely lady - she always loves to see what I have been creating with her digital creations!!! So if you love collage pintable's pop to THE STORE and check out what she has!!!!

Now finally putting it all together - laying it out and gluing it all down plus adding some extra embellies like washi tape, cloth scraps, a feather and I added some cotton to the buttons on the tall gal! I know it's a "busy" page but I love a lot of texture colour and "happenings" and to me "whimsy" is a little bit mad and chaotic!!!

And just before I finish this post - Janie also has an index card for each of us to write a little bit on - here is mine - of course I had to decorate it completely LOL!!!!
I really hope Janie likes what I have done!!


  1. Wow Sharon...your spread is absolutely awesome...LOVE IT ALL!!

  2. Sharon, you've done me proud; I absolutely love it. Than you sooo much. I'm on my way no yo visit your Art Tea Life lady to view her creations ❤️❤️❤️

  3. How wonderful Sharon. Fabulous coulours and texture and fun.

  4. Wondeful texture and colours and you have really embraced the whimsical concept in this page. Congrats Sharon

  5. Great spread Sharon, love the colours!

  6. That's so brilliant! I love all the textures and gorgeous colours :D I bet if feels amazing too :D I'm so grateful to have you send the journals to me (rather than the other way round) cos I get to see them in real life.

  7. Just wonderful, great fun and just so beautifully whimsical.


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