Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pam's entry in Gail's Journal. Days Gone By.

Ah what a question to ponder as I'm probably older than most in the group, my days gone by may be really ancient history :)  So I settled around maybe the 50s/60s.

My laundry scenes are reminiscent of the days when Mum's stayed home and managed their households like a chief executive of a thriving business.

I hope this is what Gail was looking for and I hope she enjoys my little effort.

These are the dreams of an everyday housewife:

Will be sending this journal on to Natalie very soon.


  1. Wonderful pages and yes they really do take us back.

  2. Love your pages Pam...especially hanging out the washing!!

  3. Great work Pam. Love the washing line..would try to hang my brother up with pegs or use it as a swing lol.

  4. I love these pages so much and yes it does invoke fond memories, but I must be more bygone than you, as I remember my mother sitting on side of bath with scrubbing board for hours and then feeding things through a hand operated wringer, no washing machine till way after I grew up and married. Lol. Great pages and thanks for sharing your memories as well as your art.


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